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Hello all.

It's been another way too long, and for that I apologize. I've been doing the usual - hanging around twitter and tumblr because I have too much ADD for words or something and now only want to post pictures of pretty things/people.

Still rather painfully unemployed, but still working on not being. I have like twelve contingency plans now. It's annoying.

I need a new livejournal layout. This one just makes me sad. OH TOSSES I'LL MISS YOU MOST OF ALL.
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I was working a rather soul-sucking temp job that just ended, so now I'm back to the ranks of the unemployed and wondering what to do with myself. But not having my soul being sucked out? So plus.

I'm doing nano this year, because I always said I would after I was graduated because November is such a crappy month during schooltiems. I've got a vague, vague idea of where I'm going and it might end up rambling and unplotted, but I'm okay with that.

SO THERE. There's really not much else going on, and I think that this is a pretty lame 1000th, but hey, it is probably par for the course of my journal. I missed you all.
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Oh man, sorry for being such a lamer, livejournal.

I swear I'm going to use this more, I swear it, because a) I'm 2 (now one, hopefully this actually gets sent) entry away from 1000 and b) the first thing I did to switch this place up is upload three Dr. Who icons. Wow, self, clearly cute redheads are more important than ever writing anything in your livejournal.

That's probably true though.

I'm graduated from college. I'm still woefully unemployed. I'm not doing much aside from trying desperately to become ununemployed. I'm back in Boston, which is good.

I love this season of Doctor Who more than almost anything.

Also, Glee.

Also, spending unreasonable amounts of time reading about cell phones on internetsblogs. What a nerdy hobby to have come about.

Watching some World Cup action, depressed about the US losing, not as depressed as I am about the Lakers repeating and beating the Celtics, though. Someday, someone I don't hate will win a championship in a sport, and there will be kittens and rainbows and unicorns across the land.

So now my rooting interests in the cup are pretty much Argentina and Slovakia. WOOO.
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Guess who is going to stop being lazy and post in her LJ? Me, theoretically, as this is the beginning of the post and I may yet fail to do this.

I don't have much to say. School is super busy, but I only have four weeks more of classes forever. So that's good, and as it stands now I will probably graduate. I will not put a cart before a horse or anything.

There's not much to say about what's been going on, in fandom things remain much the same, except I've been watching Caprica and enjoying it. Very different feel from BSG proper but still good stuff.

I've returned wholeheartedly to one of my first loves, figure skating, which I always kept up with but have been fannish as of late.

my new fave )
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Man I have been really bad at this.

School is hard guys! Well, I have been really busy. I'm almost done though! Then I have one more semester. One more semester filllled with spanish. Oh joy. Ohhhh joy.

But I have a few more things, and then I get to go home. I did miss it, I stayed away too long. I guess I won't have to worry about that anymore soon enough.

Can't believe the decade is coming to a close. I'm enjoying very much all the pop culture retrospectives. I remember this whole decade! Damn, isn't that weird. I am old.

You know what's going to be the best part of this week? The Glee mini-finale. You know what's going to be the crappiest part of the next 4 months. LACK OF GLEE.

House is already on hiatus. SADFACE.
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I have been awful at LJ. School has been a hot mess and I guess I've been a mess because of that and don't want to whine all over LJ.

So I won't. Not much has been going on besides school. Sports are interesting, Michigan is better than last year, which isn't saying much, but is good nonetheless. The Pats are alright? I'm still not sure. Baseball doesn't matter to me anywhere.

Television is pretty great right now, House has been good and I'm officially, totally, obsessed with Glee. Totally in love.

Games in the snow are so very New England Patriots. Enjoying this a lot so far.

It's fall break and I'm trying to ignore the fall study break aspect of fall break. I'm baking bread right now. I might even bake more! I don't have to go to school for a few more days! I still have to work, though, blech.
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Things that have happened since my last entry.

- I got a haircut! It was a good call. It was getting to that annoying stage again, and I'm too cheap to do it anywhere but the beauty school, where the name has changed but the 5 dollar haircuts remain.

- Sam and I wandered around the square for a bit on tuesday. It was good, it had been awhile, he's been all over the place this summer.

- Not a ton else.

Today whilst down one of the side streets here, I walked by a birther's car. It was hilarious, in a not hilarious way, how much fear mongering and racism one can fit onto bumper stickers.

I've been being better about my netflix - watched Left of the Dial a couple days back, wow, what a fascinating situation. But whatever you know I was just watching to squee at Rachel sightings. Let's just say that she was not unused to being the sane one in the room when she started at MSNBC.
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Wow, and now it's August. I'm a total flake about updating this aren't I?

The summer is the worst, I don't know why. It's not like I'm doing anything exciting. Oh, is that it? I'm horrifically boring, eh?

Life continues to go on much like it did the last time I posted. Knitting and television and DOMINION and forsilvra and such.

Uggh I haven't even figured out when I'm going back to school yet. That's bad, right?

It's hard to believe that in a year I'm supposed to be an adult and I have to think about that and where that's going to occur. That whole being an adult thing. I'm not going to go all crazy like [profile] pyro_manical and like, learn to drive or something crazy like that. Geez.

Oh, tuesday I hung out with [personal profile] doramajoo, that is something to mention.

And that is all.

blah blah

Jul. 9th, 2009 07:07 pm
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Holy crap, how did July happen?

Anyway, not much going on here, as you might imagine. Baking mostly, baking and cooking.

The 4th was... interesting. Lots of drunk, drunk people I didn't know. But hey, the fireworks were cool. I made videos of them!

Cellphone videos, so you know.

I thought I would have more to say but I really, really don't. I'm rewatching Idol, and I just watched the Rock Week elimination so we are reliving the injustice of that. I have not watched Torchwood yet, I will get to it.
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Man, summer makes it hard to post.

Scratch that, I think I just haven't posted in a bit because I now accidentally live at Hazel's. Oh, unemployment.

So yes, most of my time has been spent with Hazel and Sara, playing games and knitting and watching Buffy.

Other things I have done:

Seen Linda and Masha twiceish before they left on their respective summers away from here.

I had drinks with Sam like a way long time ago, close to my birthday, which he bought which is good because damn, alcohol is expensive. But it was the fancy place in Harvard Square, the one that still manages to have class despite being next to the Kong. He has since graduated, which freaks me the fuck out because that means, ho-lee-shit junior year summer was fucking FOUR YEARS AGO which I believe makes me OLD.

We, we being me, my dad, my bro (version 11 year old), and sara, went to see the decemberists last night which was pretty fucking awesome. I liked the setup with the entire Hazards of Love, it totally worked and I kind of got it more live I think. Shara kicked fucking ass, Becky was awesome, everything was pretty great. The second set had a great variety, and Shara and Becky came out to sing Crazy on You, which yeah, awesome.

I do believe that is all I have to report.


May. 27th, 2009 01:47 am
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Wow, when did I become so epic fail at LJ?

Things that have happened:

I went to Chicago with my mom, we saw Bruce, all was well.

Went back to Boston, to my dad's. Nothing exciting happened. Chilled with my family. And my dog. And the unfinished bathroom that is making the MIT shower stall look like godliness.

Moved into MIT frat from last year. Everything is pretty much the same, except I chose the adjacent bed. Not sure why.

I'm up on my bed now because for some reason the wireless sucks on the ground and is better up here. My working theory is that I'm stealing from the 3rd floor.

Turned 21. I actually just went out with my dad and we watched the insane amount of sporting events going on at the time. Most of them sucked. The Lebron final second shot was the only good part (well, michigan won the superregional, but that wasn't on the TV, we got Stanford v. Arizona instead.)

Saw Star Trek. Yes, internet, you were correct, much squee.

Did a lot of fangirling over American Idol. How did that happen? Srsly, my is all Iraheta now.

Am RPing with the old crowd. It's really great so far!
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Oh hey, Dreamwidth open beta. If'n you need a code, I have them now. And to reiterate, for those of you who've gotten an invite today: I am latara over there (lol redundancy), also, and I will have a fic journal over there also once I decide on a name. Which I may not have mentioned here. Did I mention that here or on twitter? I'm confusing myself.

School has been epicly sucking, or I've been epicly sucking at it. Or both. Probably both. I'm also not feeling great (don't worry, I don't have the swine flu, unless I have the magical feverless swine flu). I have to write a paper soon, that is, by about this time tomorrow. I think it will be fine. Then this gross ass year will be over and I can move on.

I think I might go to sleep soon, or just take this ibuprofen and if it does not magically activate like right now go to sleep.

Things that are interesting:

-Potential supreme court vacancy
-The red sox sweeping the yankees LOLOLOLOLOL. (Yeah I know we got killed today at least our nickname isn't bitch tits, okay?)
-The celtics giving me a heart attack.


Apr. 23rd, 2009 10:56 pm
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Not trying the crosspost feature as of yet. I have way more icons on lj, and so that confuses me. Copy paste is easy enough, really. I like icons :P

Had two finals tuesday. One went horrifically, the other went okay. Bleh, I hate finals. There will come a time when I have to start thinking about my other finals, but that is not this day.

Been watching movies again due to discovering the way to search my library's catalog is not to search by title, no, that would make sense, just click around in catagories until you find what you need. LOL MIRYLN FAIL.

Getting back to studying starting tomorrow, I guess. SADFACE. I don't want to.

This entry feels incomplete. Oh, whatever, here's Shep Smith.

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Hellooooo Cleveland.

So this is my dreamwidth. If I've... uh.... circlefied? accessified? whatever you on here, it means we are friends on teh livejournal. If we are and I have not, you might have a different name or I just might not have found you yet. Whatever it is, here I am. This will probably just mirror my LJ for awhile at least, until I figure out how this will rank in usefulness to LJ, who is moving over here permanently, etc. I will also probably make a fic journal over here, but that will not be this one, most likely. We'll see when I get some invite codes up in this joint.

Deciding whether a paid account is worth it.... so far my thoughts seem to be wait until my lj paid account is over and decide which one makes sense to pay for at that point. Reasonable, yes? But I am so ~stifled~ by only 6 icons.

I need to figure out how to completely make a layout from scratch, the defaults are mad gross and I do not like how I cannot edit an entry from my journal page.

Well, happy exploring all who have gotten invites recently!


Apr. 13th, 2009 11:34 pm
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Man, I keep false starting lj entries. I suck at this.

Things I have done recently:
-Chopped off my hair in a fit of hormone induced bad decision making. It's not nearly as exciting as it sounds, it's just shorter.

- went to the rock and roll hall of fame in cleveland. It was pretty cool. They've got a lot more stuff on permanent collection than the last time I went there (like 10 or 11 years ago, I think).

- Easter happened, nothing horrid went down, all is well.

- The Red Sox keep SUUUUCKING. But today, Nomar just got a home run, which is a sort of charming way to lose. Apparently this is the first time he's faced us.

I registered my openID with dreamwidth and they tell me this will get me an invite code come opening. I'm not abandoning LJ by any means, since I'm here for the peeps and it's never that *everyone* bolts, but I do want to keep up with people if they do bolt, and plus, it's kind of a curious thing and I'm curious about it. And I can import my whole lj? Cool.

amazonfail? That really says it all. It was pretty fail.

some house thoughts )

some stuff

Apr. 4th, 2009 01:11 pm
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Siigh things are slightly better this weekend.

This week was insanely long. I had all this work and I think it's almost finals time? So I think I just continue to work?

I guess it's been awhile since I posted an actual entry, but I gave you pictures! What more do you want?

Do I have anything to say fandom wise? Dollhouse has had three top notch episodes. I just really, really love it. Joss just pushes my buttons, I guess.

I keep getting annoyed at shit. I think my hormones are on the fritz.

Oh I remember why I hadn't said anything, I'm really, really boring. :P
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Watched another bunch of movies today. I keep doing this! But I like it, whatever. I'm catching up on all that movie watching I intended to do.

I'm kind of determined to reach the next section of this sweater tonight, which may or may not be a good idea. I hardly ever get any sleep on Sunday night anyway, though, my sleep schedule gets so mangled by the weekend.

TV was good on friday. Obviously everyone is doing BSG retrospectives but I think I'm too lazy to type up a real reaction to it. Dollhouse, though, I am there Joss, I am there with you.

It's March Madness time again. My boys lost, poor things, but this is just the beginning for the resurgence of Michigan basketball. The key players are all young, and will be back. My bracket almost up and died but was saved by getting 3/4 regions completely correct in the second round (er, but let's not talk about my midwest bracket, really). There have been some fun games! But nothing completely notable as of yet. I do not know what is going to happen.

The hockey team had a pretty shocking loss in the CCHA final, which led us to sunny bridgeport, ct for a East regional. It's funny, because hockey has an east regional and a northeast regional, one in connecticut and one in new hampshire. LOL.


Mar. 15th, 2009 10:52 pm
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[ profile] pyro_manical is here, and we are watching Space Mutiny, MST3K version of course. We are pretty fascinating, so far we've walked around and watched things.

I've also knitted quite a bit.

Still PMSing, the paper I wrote was pretty epicly awful but it was finished, the class I didn't know what was going on I still don't know what's going on but the pset got cancelled last week so I was able to put it off until this week.

I also semi have a userinfo, except not entirely. I remembered when I was trying to do it that I don't actually have relevant information about myself.


Mar. 10th, 2009 12:32 am
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Ugh, school.

I have a decent lot of work this week, which I find irritating. One of my classes I have no idea what's going on at all so I'm going to have to live in office hours. There's also a paper. It's a pretty wimpy paper but I have so few this semester (thankfully!) that considering papers right now is not the norm and thus making me sadface. Oh, writing, I hate you so.

WHOOPS I just remembered the upper level writing requirement. LOL two more semesters.

Things of note otherwise probably just being that I saw Watchmen on friday, I was happy with it aside from a few bits (erm, one scene, mostly), I can't believe that was the third to last episode of BSG, it was no Girl In Question to be sure.

I'm PMSing like a motherfucker and do not want to deal with life on a whole. Semester over yet? I need to be out of here.


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